3 in 1 Triple Phase Oil Mist Lemongrass 8.45 fl. Oz/250ml - Case of 16 ($15/ea)

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Repair + Moisture + Refresh

3 Precious Oils are joined to Nourish, Protect and Hydrate your skin!

This product nourishes and moisturizes skin for an instant feeling of touchable softness that last throughout the day.

Nourishes with Signature Blended Pure Essential Oil in Natural Mixed Oil to refreshing skin as the results: soften and smoothen skin.

Protects by sealing in moisture – Moisture-lock layer keeps skin feeling conditioned.

Enriched with cutting edge innovative ingredients: Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein in Rose Water having rich of Antioxidant to rejuvenate cells for the results: Radiance Enhancing and Brightening skin.