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Bump Treatment 5 fl. oz/150 ml

by Claudia

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This is a gentle regimen to daily use once a day, starting 24 hours after your service. You will still want to manually exfoliate with a scrub every other day and keep the area moisturized.

This product helps to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps that can appear in any hair removal service.

This product will treat your skin for the new hair growth cycle, killing bacteria and exfoliating the skin, making it healthy and smooth.

Glycolic Acid: Exfoliating

Salicylic Acid: Anti-inflammatory

Use BUMP daily following shower. Wait 48 hours after hair removal service to use it. With continued usage, this product will prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Wash hands prior and following usage. Lightly spray directly onto skin to cover area needed. The BUMP can be used on legs, underarms, intimate areas. The BUMP is recommended for all skin types. Remember that the use must be stopped 48 hours before your new hair removal procedure.

5 fl.oz/150 ml